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The Unamused Kraken

So after a year and a half of hard work writing, rewriting, revising, and recording, my first album is finally here. Right now it's just up on Bandcamp, but it will soon be available elsewhere as well... including physical cds! And for now, here is Starlight & Cicadas! Or you can just click on the Bandcamp tab above.

Working on recording an album! You can keep up to date on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, and in the meantime check out my covers on YouTube.

And now, for something completely different... an experimental project I've been working on.

The Unamused Kraken. A site of many musics (which are generally up on my YouTube page nowadays). I finally redesigned and updated the site, and if you want, click on the logo and reread this sentence. Bam, infinite loop! (even if you never move on to that sentence.)

Additionally, I did FAWM (February Album Writing Month) this year and last and as a result have some original songs... once I work on those some more they will be up as an album.

I have new music up, recorded with my new microphone... as I set out to study music, this page will have more on it. But for the moment, there's just a handful of covers... check them out on the music page? And now, a mashup. And a parody! Also, finally put all those in chronological order. One new song up every week.

And finally, if you're wondering where the site/band name came from, there is a book called Good Omens written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. In it, there is a sentence that simply states "The kraken is not amused."